How to structure a layout

Learn the basics on how to create a neat and tidy brand guideline.

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Structuring a layout is all about consistency and coherence. We’ve made this easy by dividing brand presets and brand layout into two separate entities (that’s why our templates are so popular!). To structure a layout so it’s easy to understand, there’s a couple of things you should do;

  • Use similar rows and padding for similar content – The guideline itself should represent what the brand guideline communicates.

  • Use the typographic presets to your advantage – A good text hierarchy helps to set the correct pace for the readers.

  • Use headlines that clearly signals when the reader scrolls down to a new category – good navigation reduces confusion, and removes unnecessary downtime.

Moving rows.

Not everything is perfect the first time around and that is why you can use the arrows in the row toolbar to move rows up or down. When moving rows all formatting and content will be unaffected. 

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