A quick guide on how to utilize buttons in your guideline.

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A brand guideline is most successful when it combines the brands' assets with the guides on how to use them. To best do this, you can use buttons to add file downloads or links to other websites.

How to add a button

  1. After choosing a new row, select «button» from the content picker.

  2. Choose whether the button should have the main or secondary color scheme (this can be modified under Buttons preset). 

  3. Click inside the button and write what it should display.

  4. There are two different purposes behind the button. Either you add an external link, using the Add Link icon, or you connect an asset to it, using the Add File icon. Clicking Add File opens up the library and lets you select which asset the button should link to. The button can only connect to one of these two options at a time, as these are mutually exclusive choices.

  5. To check that everything is in order, go to the "review" page and click the button to make sure that the (correct) file downloads.

If you have questions or need help, contact us through the in-app chat in the system or by email.

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