How to add password protection to buttons

Learn how to lock up certain assets or external links behind a password wall in no time.

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The password protection feature is a simple way to lock up certain assets that you don’t want to be open to everyone who visits your guideline. It’s built on a «one word to rule them all» approach, so you only have to choose the password one time, and choose which button(s) you’d like to lock up after that with a single click via the button toolbar. 

  1. Open up the Buttons preset via the Presets tab (found in the project toolbar up top on your screen).

  2. Below the button presets you will find the section where you set everything up. 

  3. Add a password. This password can be viewed after setting it, so you don’t have to reset if you’ve forgotten what it is.

  4. Press the «Activate Password Protection» button to enable the lock mechanism on the button block (on canvas).

  5. Go back to the canvas, and choose which button(s) you’d like to lock up with your newly set password via the button toolbar. You will have the option of locking any button you’d like, as long the password protection feature is activated. To deactivate this feature, simply go back to the Buttons preset and press «Deactivate Password Protection», to open up all your locked buttons.

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