Publishing a guideline.

This article explains how to publish a guideline in Brandpad and what that entails for you, your team and your client(s).

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When you're satisfied with the brand guideline you've crafted in the system, it's time to publish it and make it accessible for you, your team, your client(s) and their partners. Here's how that works.

No need to invite people.

First of, you don't have to invite anyone to make the brand accessible to everyone that needs to use the guidelines or assets. After publishing, your brand guideline will be accessible on an open link that you can share with the right people without having to invite people to yet another system. This way, the guideline can be made accessible and valuable instantly. Project invites should be reserved for people who need to work on the brand and account invites for members of your team or studio. Have a look here to read more about types of users. If you (or your client) are uncomfortable with the brand or the assets being 'open' you can use secured assets or make the whole guideline private.

On top of that, here are some other benefits of publishing vs. having a closed system:

  1. Seamlessly distributed. You or your client can immediately distribute the link to whoever needs access, and they can use the guides & assets seamlessly and continuously. No handling involved.

  2. Everyone is included in the company's visual identity. The whole company can see, use and understand their brand, both individually and collectively. No one is left out and no one has the wrong version.

  3. More people don't equal more work. Instead of having to invite new people and handle users, you can just lock certain assets from being accessible to everyone by setting passwords to the downloads. The guideline can scale with the company.

Publishing and distributing.

To publish, just hit the "Draft/Live" toggle in the top right corner and make sure it is set to "Live" and that it is green. Your guideline is published to the URL you chose for the brand. You can now distribute the link to your client or partners, the link is found easily by clicking on the settings icon in the top right of the canvas and hitting "copy brand link". If you later want to make changes or updates to the guideline, just click update in the system and the guideline will automatically render with the latest changes at the same link. 

If you ever have any questions about publishing a guideline, contact us through the in-app system or at

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