Color Palette

Quickly define and display your brand's color usage.

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The Color Palette block let's you show off some or all of the colors defined in the presets. After choosing which color you want to show off there is a number of modifications you can make;

  • Choose the shape of the color blob (square or circle).

  • Add a drop shadow to the blob.

  • Modify text. Both alignment and header / body styles can be changed to a different typographic style than the default.

  • Modify content. Add RGB / CMYK and PMS to the description field. Almost all of these values gets automatically calculated based on the HEX value of the color*, except for PMS which needs to be typed in manually.

*These values can all be altered after they have been automated. Some tweaks might be necessary to achieve the right color conversion, please double check the values in your designated design tool to make sure the ones described in your guideline are correct.

If you have questions or need help, contact us through the in-app chat in the system or by email.

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