How to utilize the navigation functionality to create an interactive guideline for your users benefit.

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The ability to add Navigation to a guideline is by far one of the quickest and easiest ways you can build an interactive guideline which helps out the end user my magnitudes. There are mainly two ways to achieve this, both using Anchors as the starting point.

The navigation menu refers to the menu functionality you can add to a guideline. There are two types to choose from; Slide-in & Dropdown. Both integrates with hamburger icon, which when turned on, shows up on your live guideline. The links that appear in the navigation menu are the same ones that's listed in the Anchor Panel. The settings for this functionality are all found within the Navigation Presets, under Menu Options, and Menu Colors;

(Above) Example using a slide-in menu.

(Above) Example using a dropdown menu.

Table of Contents

You can create your own custom table of contents, anyway you want, simply by linking to the different anchors at the same place within your guideline via Linked Text

(Above) Example using table of contents as section dividers, alongside the navigation menu.

If you have questions or need help, contact us through the in-app chat in the system or by email.

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