Video Block (Vimeo/Youtube integration)

How to add videos to your guideline using a Vimeo or Youtube URL

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Adding Vimeo or Youtube

The Video Block is meant to give designers the option of linking and embedding videos within the guideline. You can use videos from URL links using one of two different sources — Youtube or Vimeo. To add the video you simply paste in the direct URL link (not the embed code), click add or enter on your keyboard, and it should load in. 

Interaction with the video when working in the builder is shut off, to ensure that the video controls doesn't tangle up with the video block toolbar. That way, you can set the size and orientation for the video with ease. Also, if you'd like to have the video autoplay & muted*, you can do this by toggling this function on (or off) in the toolbar.

*Please note that autoplaying will automatically mute the video as this is demanded by most browser for showing an autoplayed video. As of now, we've removed all the settings on autoplayed videos to give it a clean appearance without Vimeo/Youtube UI on top.

Styling the video

To style the looks of the content from Vimeo or Youtube, you have to go to the videos settings on the providers website (either Youtube or Vimeo*). You will find your options under Settings/Embed.

*Beware that to style your video using Vimeo, you are required to have a Vimeo Pro account.

If you have questions or need help, contact us through the in-app chat in the system or by email.

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