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Taxes and VAT (only applicable for Norwegian companies).
Taxes and VAT (only applicable for Norwegian companies).
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Brandpad is a Norwegian entity, registered under the Norwegian Brønnøysundregisteret. As such, we are obligated to add VAT (Norwegian; mva) to all Norwegian companies using our services. We are not obligated to and do not charge tax to companies outside Norway—and if you operate with anything else than a Norwegian entity, the VAT does not apply to you.

How we handle VAT.

To handle this as simply as possible, we add the 25% VAT to your total checkout if we detect a Norwegian card. This tax is then filed by us and paid to the Norwegian government through Skatteetaten.

When you file your company taxes, be sure to add your Brandpad receipts so you can benefit from the proper deduction in your end. You can read more about this here.

For questions regarding this, contact Espen at

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