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Modern technology works best in modern browsers.

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When working in Brandpad*, and particularly the Brandpad canvas, we use a series of modern web-frameworks and technologies to deliver a good experience for building a guideline.  Most of these technologies work well in almost any browser you can think of, but unfortunately some of them (especially the ones having to do with real-time rendering) are a little wonky in certain browsers.

*These recommendations are for designers working on creating a guideline in our system—not end-users of the published guideline.  Also, if you're a collaborator just making smaller changes, you should be able to use what ever browser you want.

The browser we recommend: Google Chrome.

If you use Brandpad to design and craft a guideline, we strongly suggest you use the Google Chrome browser. Due to it's modern rendering and upkeep with the newest technology, Chrome is best suited for handling real-time javascript technology like Brandpad. You can download Google Chrome here.

The second tier.

If you prefer using something else than Chrome, Apple's Safari will probably be your best bet. Alternatively, you could also try Firefox. We are aware of certain smaller issues for both of these browsers—some of which are connected to certain functionality and some of which are purely UI or interactions—but the overall system is working*. Unfortunately, a lof of these smaller issues are impossible for us to fix without removing features or interactions we feel are necessary to provide a fluid work-flow in the system.

*Please make sure you're using the absolute latest updates of the browser when working in Brandpad. The older the browser, the older the rendering of the code.

Browsers you should avoid.

In a sense, anything by Microsoft should be avoided. Try to avoid Internet Explorer and Edge as best you can. These browsers normally don't have the same options for rendering modern code and certain functions and elements are completely lost.

Additionally, please be aware that if you're behind a VPN or security service (like Citrix or similar), certain data might not be rendered correctly.

If you have any questions regarding this content, feel free to contact us through the chat-widget in your bottom right corner or

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