Need an NDA signed? No worries.

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Sometimes you need an NDA signed, that's just how it is. Luckily, Brandpad can help.

First things first though, since we're located in Oslo, Norway, you're already covered by the GDPR laws set by the EU. Easily put this means that we treat your data and privacy with care, and typically speaking what you'd use an NDA for (if you're in the U.S) the GDPR already provides out of the box.

That being said, sometimes that's not enough, and we get that. If you (or your clients) need an NDA signed to bring your brand to Brandpad, we're more than happy to sign one. While we prefer an MNDA version (we can provide one too), we're also happy to look at the one you have if applicable.

Beware however that we only sign these for Bespoke customers. This is simply because that's the one plan where we have room to allow custom contracts or processes (while the self-service plans are just that—self-service).

To start this process contact us through the in-app chat or hi@brandpad.io and someone will follow up :)

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